inflatable travel bed for kids Toddler camping or floor bed Portable Blow Up Mattress Blue

Thinking about an affordable mobile mattress for camping, for the kids, or for your often uninvited guests?

How about an inflatable, portable and mobile top quality mattress?

Your guests and friends no longer have to sleep on the couch or on the floor of your living room whenever they come around unannounced.

This bed comes to your rescue. Also, when your available bed space is taken up by partners, kids or other guests, this would sure come in handy to accommodate more!

The Inflatable FabuWare Travel Bed and Mattress is your must-have. It could be used as a bed for kids, for travels and camping, to accommodate a friend who's sleeping over, and a whole lot more! There are no limitations to what you can use a solid couch space for, right?


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