Inflatable travel pillow (Grey)

The Quest For Good Travel Sleep-Mission Completed

Would you like to reach your destination fully rested and refreshed, without long hours of red-eye misery, head banging against the front seat and legs going numb as you try to contort yourself in the one miracle position that will bring on sleep? (I do! I, actually, showed my friends and now we indulge in short and sweet naps en route and we’re all happy.)

Then keep reading this ad and you’ll soon know how.

Our inflatable neck travel pillow is shaped to perfectly support your neck while traveling.

Snap closure helps you to stabilize your pillow, preventing it from slipping off the shoulders. It will be your perfect travel companion!

Removes The Word "Difficult" From Your Vocabulary

Your new portable, adjustable pillow will be:

• EASY to carry: it can fold completely flat and takes up minimum space and it comes • with a carrying pouch, which you get for free.
• EASY to clean: the cover is removable and washable.
• EASY to inflate: it takes 3-4 easy blows. 
• EASY to deflate: simply, with a push of a button.


Do You Consider Yourself An Expert Traveler And Still Lacking A Travel Pillow?

Order our travel neck pillow and your neck, back, and neighbor’s shoulder will thank you.

Not convinced yet? Make a risk-free purchase with our 60-day money back guarantee.

Buy It Today Or Forever Hold Your Peace.

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